Fall Wardrobe Staples for Minimalists

Fall Wardrobe Minimalist Essentials

Fall is slowly starting to become my favorite season because of the weather we are currently experiencing in Rome; minus all the rain! Another plus is the fact that I can finally experience seasons again! It’s such a nice thing when I can see the leaves changing colors, similar to the transition in everyone’s wardrobe from those hot, humid summer days to now, the cooler Fall months here in the Eternal City.

Since my wardrobe seems to lean over to the minimalist side nowadays, I wanted to highlight the items that I have been wearing the hell out of lately and can’t live without. To see how I style them, check out the video below.

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This is Twenty-SevenĀ 


27. Not the most exciting birthday milestone, however,  I can’t help but to wake up feeling so thankful and blessed to be living another day.

Recently the news has been full of unfortunate life events happening and I feel it’s important to take a moment to realize how fortunate I am to still be on this earth and experience my 27th birthday with the people I love most.

I am currently in Pennsylvania with my second family (aka my boyfriends family). It seems like it was just yesterday that I was bringing in my late twenties in Italy, stuffing my face with pasta and wine exactly a year ago.

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Spring: The Season of New Beginnings


The weather down here in South Florida has been spoiling us recently. I like to consider this time of the year to be my favorite, temperature wise, because of the warm air but cool breeze that surrounds me whenever I’m outside. So in lieu of the season, I put together a post on what this time of the year means to me as it gets closer to the longer days and shorter nights ahead aka summer.

I have also partnered up with, fashion blogger, Keri from http://www.anenclothedcognition.com to show you different ways to style for spring, no matter where you are; be it in a tropical climate or elsewhere.

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