Lush Product Review 

Lush Cosmetics

Giving gifts to others is something I particularly enjoy and more often than not I lean towards gifting beauty products since that tends to be what I know the most about. Lately I’ve been gifting products from Lush because they have the cutest packaging and everything they have smells genuinely fresh and invigorating (well…almost everything)! Don’t believe me? Just walk into your local Lush store and see for yourself.

After all these years of purchasing Lush for others, I decided it was time to try their products myself. After all, I was in need of a new toner, eye cream, and face/body scrub. I have been using these products for the past month or so now and here is my take on each one…

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April Favorites

LaCasabloga - Booties

The past few weeks, for me, have been about experimenting with different items, whether it be in the fashion department or skincare. I love playing with different trends and throughout the month of April I fell in love with some new items I want to share!

This is my very first monthly favorites post. I hope that I can continue to do these kind of posts/videos for you all-as long as I do have favorites that are worth talking about (hehe). Anyway, I collected 5 different items over the past month, that I feel are worth EVERY PENNY. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

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