My Travel Articles are now on the GPSMyCity App!


Whenever I am visiting a new city (or even an old one) I like to wander about and discover new places, seek out the “hole in the wall” spots, in addition to the touristy attractions. But rather than follow a mob of people in a group, I prefer the idea of going at my own pace in case I want to stop along the way to snap a few pictures or grab a bite to eat.

With the GPSMyCity app, it will allow you to do just that. Browse a city at your own pace all while being “guided” to the best spots. It’s almost like having your own personal tour guide without the rush and feeling like you need to be a part of a tour group. I discovered the GPSMyCity app last year and was so excited to find so many cities to choose from (over 600 cities)!

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Four Nights in Paris

What If We Blog - Eiffel Tower - Aug 9

We recently just finished our trip through Paris. It was mine and Jared’s first time there and I can definitely see why many people consider this city to be one of their favorites in the world. Let’s just say the hype is definitely real. We arrived from Rome via overnight train which connected in Milan. In total it was about a 13 hour train ride, not the most comfortable experience, but I think something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.

Paris has been on the top of my list of places to visit for as long as I can remember. It was an absolute dream to experience it in real life.  We arrived on a Sunday. We were definitely spoiled there with the weather. It was so unbelievably hot in Rome (in the mid 90’s), that the 60 degree temperature in Paris felt like heaven to us. I am glad that I brought an assortment of clothes with me for different climates, because a jacket came in handy when it dropped down to the 50’s and the wind felt like ice against our skin. After all, we did just move from Miami, so anything below 70 is “chilly” to us.

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