What I Am Thankful For

La Casabloga - Fall - Nov 22

This holiday season is a bit different than normal because it is my first time celebrating Thanksgiving, and likely Christmas and New Year’s, outside of the United States. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Italy, I will not let that stop me from keeping the tradition alive that I have been celebrating for the past 26 years.

This year, I feel more thankful than ever before, for so many reasons. Being so far away from home, has caused me to appreciate where I am from more than ever and seeing loved ones in pictures with their families on this special day also comes with its own sense of nostalgia being so far away from my own family.

Today, I am sharing with you 8 reasons why I am feeling extra grateful this Thanksgiving. Starting with…

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Spring: The Season of New Beginnings


The weather down here in South Florida has been spoiling us recently. I like to consider this time of the year to be my favorite, temperature wise, because of the warm air but cool breeze that surrounds me whenever I’m outside. So in lieu of the season, I put together a post on what this time of the year means to me as it gets closer to the longer days and shorter nights ahead aka summer.

I have also partnered up with, fashion blogger, Keri from http://www.anenclothedcognition.com to show you different ways to style for spring, no matter where you are; be it in a tropical climate or elsewhere.

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