Pretty Fit Chicks

DSC01292I think I speak for many when I say adding a better workout routine to my schedule is on top of my New Year’s resolution list. It’s challenging enough as it is to get a consistent workout routine going, especially when having to work 40+ hours a week; sometimes the stamina to get up early or go to the gym after work just isn’t there. I recently found out about this new fitness apparel line, PrettyFitChicks, that started as a women’s fitness movement in Los Angeles inspiring women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am always on the hunt for new fitness apparel, because, let’s face it, working out is so much better when wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself… Continue reading

Ipsy VS Birchbox Review

When most people my age think of commitment, they are probably thinking of marriage or their careers but the first thing that comes to my mind is how long I’ve been committed to my monthly beauty subscriptions. maybe that’s not the FIRST thing that comes to mind but I have been a loyal customer to beauty subscriptions, Ipsy and Birchbox, for several years now. The femininity in my veins runs thick so I like to”spoil” myself every month by receiving my glam bags and boxes. I don’t foresee that I will ever get tired of opening my mailbox to that shiny pink Ipsy bag or the creatively designed Birchbox and here are a few reasons why… Continue reading

Winter Lookbook-Miami Edition

ac3a-05eb-2fd1-76adIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Now that the Holidays are wrapping up I wanted to share a few outfits that I have worn over the past couple of weeks. Before you think I am crazy, keep in mind I live in South Florida where even 60 degrees feels cool. With that said these may not be your typical winter outfits but I hope that you may find some inspiration to mix into your own winter wardrobe. Continue reading