South Florida Guide: Ft Lauderdale & Miami

Farmers Market in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Although I am not physically in Florida anymore (which, by the way, breaks my heart to even think about), I still tend to day-dream about some of the spots that I absolutely loved there. ¬†During my 4 years in South Florida, I lived in a total of 4 different cities! So, basically I couldn’t sit still in one place for more than 1 year. LOL! I lived as far south as Brickell Ave, also known as the Miami Financial District, and just recently moved from Ft Lauderdale, which is the furthest North I lived, so it’s safe to say I had my fair share of exploring a good part of South Florida.

I didn’t think it would be fair to only list Miami spots, since Broward county, which is about 40 minutes north, also has some cool spots to check out as well. So I am dividing this post into two¬†different areas you may visit: Miami and Ft Lauderdale.

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My Post-Grad Education in Miami

This past week has been full of bittersweet moments as I’ve closed the door on one chapter of my life to start another. After 4 years of calling South Florida home, I said goodbye last week to the palm trees, the tropical year round weather, the amazing beaches….call me crazy, right? I have so much to owe Miami for really developing me as a woman. When I moved there at the age of 23(a whole 4 years ago!), it was the first time I was completely on my own. I had no family there, or close friends, just acquaintances and I was determined to make it work whatever way possible. If you would like to keep reading about my journey, click “continue reading” below but bare with me! This may be a long one.

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Denim Daze: How to Wear Denim


One thing I can’t have enough of is different pieces of denim to mix and match with. Recently I have found myself falling back on my favorite pieces of denim to go with just about anything and everything and have been collecting different washes/colors to add to my wardrobe.

In this post, I will show you 3 different ways to wear denim and how casual and cool each style is without putting in much effort at all. On those days where our wardrobe selection looks pretty minimal, it’s always safe to fall back on your best denim jeans with a cute top or jean dress for a simple, but practical, everyday look.

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