Ipsy VS Birchbox Review

When most people my age think of commitment, they are probably thinking of marriage or their careers but the first thing that comes to my mind is how long I’ve been committed to my monthly beauty subscriptions. Okayyy..so maybe that’s not the FIRST thing that comes to mind but I have been a loyal customer to beauty subscriptions, Ipsy and Birchbox, for several years now. The femininity in my veins runs thick so I like to”spoil” myself every month by receiving my glam bags and boxes. I don’t foresee that I will ever get tired of opening my mailbox to that shiny pink Ipsy bag or the creatively designed Birchbox and here are a few reasons why… Continue reading

My Everyday Eyeliner Routine

During my time working at Clinique, one of the biggest concerns I noticed women deal with is how to apply eyeliner. Whether it be liquid, pencil, cream, or gel, doesn’t matter the formula, the struggle was always present in this area.

I created this video to show you my everyday eyeliner routine. Continue reading