Weekend Getaway to Venice


Going to Venice was something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Over and over again people would say that it’s a city you have to see at least once in your life…and they were right. Jared and I were joking about Ft. Lauderdale (where we lived prior to moving to Italy) being called “The Venice of the Americas”. Although it does have a lot of waterways compared to other cities in the States, still there is no comparison to the real thing. Literally everything is done on boats- transporting people and goods from one side of the island to the other (i.e. water taxis). I had never been in a city before where I didn’t see one single car.

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5 Ways Moving Abroad Has Changed Our Relationship

What If We Blog - Monaco -Aug 16

I’ve been told a million and one times that the best way to get to know your partner is by living with them. Jared and I started living together 2 years ago and I must say, I drew a pretty good hand as far as roommates go. He’s obsessively clean, enjoys cooking, does the laundry, and is respectful of our space…all qualities I wish some of my former roommates would have had. So while I do agree that living with your partner is important in getting to know who your partner really is, it’s even more effective when you’re living together in a completely different country half way across the world.

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10 Surprising Ways to Enjoy the West Coast

Check out these 8 Surprising Ways to Enjoy the West Coast by Emily of Coat and Coffee. Emily has been one of my favorite travel bloggers since I stumbled upon her blog last year. This is our second collaboration together (you can find our first one here) and again, I couldn’t be happier with the editorial she is providing today. Keep reading for the best tips on West Coast travel. 

Living so close to the West Coast is one of my favorite things ever. Every time I visit the West Coast I am reminded of how much there is to do, and the beauty of each city. Taking yourself off the beaten path and exploring what the coast has to offer makes for great memories. After living in San Francisco for a few years, and frequently visiting Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, and Seattle, I’ve experienced the best ways to enjoy the West Coast. Most of these definitely aren’t your typical activities, which is what makes them so fun. So here are 10 surprising ways to enjoy the West Coast.

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