5 Ways Moving Abroad Has Changed Our Relationship

What If We Blog - Monaco -Aug 16

I’ve been told a million and one times that the best way to get to know your partner is by living with them. Jared and I started living together 2 years ago and I must say, I drew a pretty good hand as far as roommates go. He’s obsessively clean, enjoys cooking, does the laundry, and is respectful of our space…all qualities I wish some of my former roommates would have had. So while I do agree that living with your partner is important in getting to know who your partner really is, it’s even more effective when you’re living together in a completely different country half way across the world.

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Here’s to Four Years…

What If We Blog - Apartment - Aug 8

If anyone would have told me 4 years ago I would be living in a land far, far away with a guy that just….gets me…I would have never believed them. My dating relationship with Jared, which just turned 4 on 2/9/17, is the longest relationship I have ever had with anyone (dating wise). I haven’t even worked at a single company for that long, which is probably rare for someone my age.

There isn’t much else to it, besides that we kind of met by chance. He, originally from Ohio, and me, being from South Carolina, both decided it was a good idea to call Miami home for a while at separate times of our lives…and that is how we met. In the Sunshine State. Little Cuba. The Venice of the Americas. And I am forever grateful for that one November night that we crossed paths in 2012…

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