Fatigue-More Than Just a One Night Stand?


Have you been feeling a lack of energy? More sleepy/tired than usual? For me, this has been a major deterrent of being able to get things done. I mostly blame it on adjusting to the 6 hour time difference since I moved.

Coming to Italy one week ago and trying to get on “Italian” time has sure taken a toll on my body. The long days of walking in the heat are an energy drainer for sure, but not only that. It has taken me longer than I expected for my body to get into a rhythm of things again, and back in a routine. I like to think of there being three pillars of health: sleep, diet, and exercise. If even one of those things is out of wack, it can greatly influence the others, so just make sure you are getting enough of each!

So if you are like me, feeling fatigued, whether it be from moving and adjusting, being a single mom with a full time job, or a collage student with never ending assignments and an overnight gig, keep reading. Although you may think you know why you feel this way(lack of sleep, nutrients, etc), read below to find some advice on how you can improve your stamina/energy to help get you through even your most toughest days.

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How to Relieve Stress

La Casabloga-Meditation

As March is coming to a close and April is slowly sneaking up on us, I thought it would be appropriate to share this “Stress-Relieving” post for April, also known as Stress Awareness Month.

I, myself, have a bad habit of letting my stress build up over time. I don’t tend to show my emotions too much from the outside, but on the inside there’s always so much going on. With our busy lives, it’s nice to just take time and focus on the present when everything around us seems like chaos. Here I share with you some things that have helped me when dealing with stress: Continue reading

Fit & Thick x Unapologethick Crop Tops


As the South Florida spring weather is starting to roll in, the birds are chirping and the grass is turning green (okay the birds are always chirping and the grass is always green), LOL, but I am excited to finally be able to pull out the crop tops and this apparel collection in particular is no exception.

Get Fit & Thick (getfitandthick.com) has an unique collection of fitness apparel with designs that are not only appropriate in the weight room, but perfect to pair with casual pieces outside of the gym. I always try to look for options to add to my collection that I can wear to different locations/occasions. In this case, these crop tops are perfect to take from gym-wear to street wear! Keep reading to see the different looks I came up with for these Unapologethick crop tops! Continue reading