Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

La Casabloga Tools

As we are in the midst of wrapping up another year, I am taking a moment to reflect on the past year and the whirlwind of change and emotions it has left me with. I think it’s safe to say, that 2016 has outdone any year in my past as far as change, risk-taking, and starting a new chapter in my life are considered. The last time I can remember going through something similar was in 2012, when I packed my car to leave my hometown of Charleston to live in Miami, FL. And even then, that seems like such a tiny blip on the radar compared to now, living in Rome, Italy of all places.

Thankfully I have my blog to document all of my trials and tribulations, successes and failures, and everything else in between. In the year, 2016, I wrote 47 total blog posts, which is about 4 a month. I am quite happy and proud of myself for being consistent and posting at least once a week since consistency is something I have struggled with previously. So, in honor of that, I have rounded up my top 10 blog posts of the year and here they are:

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Fall Wardrobe Staples for Minimalists

Fall Wardrobe Minimalist Essentials

Fall is slowly starting to become my favorite season because of the weather we are currently experiencing in Rome; minus all the rain! Another plus is the fact that I can finally experience seasons again! It’s such a nice thing when I can see the leaves changing colors, similar to the transition in everyone’s wardrobe from those hot, humid summer days to now, the cooler Fall months here in the Eternal City.

Since my wardrobe seems to lean over to the minimalist side nowadays, I wanted to highlight the items that I have been wearing the hell out of lately and can’t live without. To see how I style them, check out the video below.

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Holidays in Roma

the Beehive Rome

One thing I can say I love about the chillier weather here in Rome is the excuse to layer. The reason why this is a big deal to me is because after living in Miami for 4 years, I haven’t been able to play around with dressing in long sleeves and jackets until now! I didn’t bring much of a wardrobe when I moved here, so it’s nice to make it look as if I have new things by pulling out my fall/winter ensemble.

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