I started this blog November 2015 after my first blog failed miserably. But I guess I shouldn’t be starting the ‘About’ section about failures, rather successes and facts to impress people…but that’s not really my character or style.

My name is Estrella. I was born in Long Island, NY to immigrants from El Salvador. Shortly after, we made the move down south, where we resided in Charleston, SC. And I lived there for 17 years.

By 2012, I said enough is enough. I packed up my car to move to Miami, FL for a fresh start, year-long beach weather, and eventually to meet the love of my life, which I didn’t know was going to happen either.

Fast forward to now..you can find Jared and I living in Rome. Yes, Italy. Only for the time being though. We will be back in the states…at some point.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and hope you will enjoy my posts on style, beauty, travel, and everything else that inspires me.

For brands that would like to work together, you can check out my stats here.




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