Favorite Travel Apps on my iPhone

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I recently shared some of my favorite travel apps on my iPhone, via my IG stories, when I was messaged to write a permanent post for this on my blog. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and might even make it a monthly series of “What’s on my iPhone..”. This month’s topic is travel.

The older and older we get, I think it’s natural that we really start to value the experiences that travel can bring us. If you are anything like me, you undoubtedly prefer to spend your time and money on travel rather than on materialistic purchases. Because of this I am always on the search for apps that will make traveling more efficient, organized, and enjoyable.

Below, I am sharing some of my go-to travel apps that I have previously used to plan my trips as well as some that I haven’t used yet but feel they’re worth mentioning. My last trip was to Umbria in December and the below apps really came in handy to plan out some of our days there.



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Our AirBnB in Paris


AirBnB– everyone knows what AirBnb is by now, but I wanted to mention it because it’s all Jared and I have used since 2015, when we took our first trip to Italy. Not only do we use it for short term vacations, but we have also used this app to book long term stays while in Rome.

Hotel Tonight– I’ve personally never used this app before, because it would give me too much anxiety to not have anything booked before I leave on a trip. However, it could come in handy one of these days, when I need something last minute, I just hop on this app and it searches hotels with available rooms for a discounted rate.

City Guides:


GPSmyCityРThe GPSmyCity app is like a collection of international guides in the palm of your hand. You may have seen the articles I wrote, which are now available for download on the app, in the following cities: Paris, Rome, Charleston, Perugia and Assissi (coming soon). I love that once you download the guides, you have access to them even offline. It works as your own personal, tour guide.

Lokely– I haven’t used this app at all to be honest but I think it would be great for discovering places from locals and/or sharing favorite spots with friends.

Lonely Planet Guides– there is so much to discover with the guides on the LP app! They have all the info you would want for one city, including where to stay, eat and what to do. Check it out for your next trip to cut down on some time planning your own schedule when their guides have all the info you would need!

VOLO– an online travel journal for those of you who don’t want to commit to a blog, but still want to create your own travel stories and keep memories somewhere. VOLO allows you to create a story-line of your trip, all while making it public (or private) for others to see and get some ideas for their next adventure.

Google Trips– a great place to start when organizing a trip as you can store all reservation information here, such as flights and accommodations. Google will also suggest things to do nearby and other well-rated places to visit during your stay.


What If We - Plane - Aug 11

Hopper– whenever I’m looking to keep my eye on a specific flight, I turn to Hopper. With this app, I can watch flight predictions and I can set notifications for when it drops to its lowest.

Rome2Rio– I was introduced to this app by a fellow travel lover a couple of years ago. I love that I can type in point A to point B and it searches all the the various transportation methods available from plane, train, car, bus and more.

PackPoint– a virtual packing list made possible so you won’t forget anything on your next trip! I’m telling you there’s an app for everything when it comes to traveling. Super handy if you are going somewhere long term and want to make sure all your basic products are right by your side.

Skyscanner– a combination of Rome2Rio and Hopper bundled into one. This app helps find the least expensive way to travel, weekend getaway deals and even finds the best rates for hotels and car rentals.

Tripcase– I have yet to use this app but it’s basically like a itinerary management app that helps with organizing trips. In this app, you can sort and organize things like restaurants, flight info, attractions and more all in one place and also share with others.

FlightAware-  this app helps you keep track of your flight, the whereabouts of the plane and any delays that may come with it, so you know if there are any changes with the flight before anyone else does.

AirHelp– I’ve never used this app in the past but it could come in handy when situations arise when a delayed or cancelled flight occurs, which happens more often than we would like. Basically you submit your “claim” and this app helps you get the compensation you deserve.

Although I have not used some of the above apps, I’ve heard good things about all of them in general, so I hope that if you do give it a try, you will find it somewhat helpful.

I don’t have any trips on the agenda anytime soon, but I know when I do lock something down, I’ll be looking for the help of these apps to keep me organized. Are there any apps, that I didn’t mention above, that you find helpful for travel and want to share below? Let me know in the comments!

Happy travels,

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