Love Letter to Rome

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One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to keep up with my blog, meaning I would actively post at least once a week. I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t been doing a very good job at keeping this up so far. The reality of the situation is that life has gotten a toll of me and at times has gotten the best of me. I’ll explain what I mean…

So far this year has thrown a couple of obstacles at me along the way. I recently lost a valuable possession that I’ve had every single day for the past decade, have had to fight the Rome public transportation system, long 10+ hour days away from home , and even felt like I was floating away from people that I cared about the most. I found myself in spurts where I was constantly unhappy for days at a time, no matter what.

I was starting to feel discontent with this city, with Rome. I felt like I had this city to blame for my problems, my negative thoughts, my sadness. It’s almost like the situation where you move in with your best friend and after living together, your relationship crumbles. That’s what Rome was starting to become like to me.

Then I had a conversation with Jared and came to a realization of how crazy I was being. I couldn’t believe that I was even blaming this city, for making me feel this way. Rome was the first place I had ever traveled to in Europe and where I started to fall in love with Italy 2.5 years ago. I was starting to forget the joys and small bits of happiness that this place brings me, such as seeing the petite nonnas with their roller bags, interacting with my students, the never-ending golden glow around every corner, listening and hearing the city breathe and operate every day. It’s like a movie here and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call this place home.

Amidst, the bad days, there are always even better days and bigger things to celebrate of course.  I recently booked my mom and brother’s flight to Rome. They will be spending 2 weeks with me in April and I can’t even believe it. Having my mom come to Europe always seemed like a dream to me. I’m so happy to make it a reality because it has been one of my goals to make it happen ever since I got here a year and a half ago.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and Katy from The Bittersweet Life podcast as their social media intern for the past 4 months. I instantly became hooked to their podcast while living in Rome and am so happy that this city brought us together.

It’s also been such a great opportunity to grow Rome Bloggers. I go into more detail here about what it is and why I started it. In short, I felt there was a lack of a networking community here where bloggers and creators can get together. I started hosting the meetups October 2016 and yesterday just had my 10th one where the group has grown to about 500 members total. I’m super proud of the small community that I have created with Rome Bloggers and hope it will continue to grow, even after I leave Italy.

I know no place is 100% perfect and having to work more hours now, I am constantly traveling all over Rome and therefore seeing more of its flaws. Although there are always things I think can be better, I would never change my experience. If everything was easy, then where would the opportunity to grow be? If anything I want to thank Rome for breaking me down and pulling me back up at the same time.

This is my love letter to Rome…

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