2017 Holiday Gift Guide


Photo by Evelyn on Unsplash

If you are anything like me, the holidays are your favorite time of the year. It’s the perfect chance to catch up with family that maybe you haven’t seen all year, eat all the festive food possible (without feeling guilty), and to spoil loved ones with gifts (as well as hopefully receiving everything that’s on your Christmas list).

I put together this holiday gift guide to give you ideas on what to get your mother, friend, sister, daugther, etc. Sorry, guys, no men’s gift guide this time around. Many of the items I have listed here I personally own myself and would recommend for anyone else, and the others have simply been on my wish list for some time now. So if any one out there is looking for some gift ideas for me…here you go! 😀

I have three categories for you all: beauty, fashion, and health/wellness. Let’s get started with the first one…


Health guide

  1. I ordered these Care Of packages for a month right before we left the States this summer. I was a bit frantic because I wasn’t sure if the package would get to me on time, but it did. The customer service at Care Of is phenomenal and they have the cutest individual packaging that makes it so easy to have all your vitamins in one place.
  2. I have been very curious to try these HBFIT health products that range from drinks, to protein bars, and more. Products can also be purchased in their NYC store, otherwise they can always ship to you.
  3. Love these Chillhouse blends that you can mix in your drinks to give you an extra boost of energy (depending on which Chill blend you go for). They also have such a cute cafe in East Village where you can get your nails done, enjoy a massage, and catch up with your friends over a bottle of rosé. Gift cards are available!
  4. I never, ever buy myself workout clothes, because I work out at home so I don’t really feel the need to. But if I did, it would be from this company, Outdoor Voices. I especially love this burgundy power outfit pictured above.


style guide

  1. Right now I am dealing with years old apple headphones that are slowly falling apart, so I’m really envious of anyone that gets to receive these Bose headphones for Christmas. They are a bit pricey but I think with the quality of these, it’s an investment piece that will last a long time. These aren’t really a fashion accessory…or are they?
  2. I bought these super cute sneakers in Verona this year and then started seeing them everywhere. Supergas are a perfect gift to give your sneaker loving friend.
  3. I recently purchased this faux leather biker jacket at Zara. It was my first Zara purchase…ever. I know, crazy to believe. The material is so soft inside and outside “leather” feels like good quality. Great gift for someone living in a colder climate.
  4. This jewelry company, Mejuri, has the most dainty, minimalist pieces that are so beautiful.
  5. The Nicole Vienna watch collection are classic, elegant pieces that should be in every woman’s collection.


beauty guide

  1. The Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream is perfect for brightening and de-puffing the area around your eyes, where the skin is thinnest so taking care of the eyes is a must.
  2. This Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment should be gifted to a friend who deals with dryness. The moisturizing effects of this eye cream is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. Tis the season of dry skin…do you see a pattern here? Another amazing product for hydrating the skin is this Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask.
  4. Perfect for all skin types this Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer is a perfect base to use under your foundation for those who prefer a matter finish.
  5. This Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb is for someone who wants a little more…hydration. It’s a gel-cream based product that helps with cooling and refreshing your skin.

So there you have it! My holiday gift guide of 2017 for the ladies in your life. Let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned above or which one you would like to try or plan on purchasing. Remember, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself too! So have at it 😉

Since today is Thanksgiving I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my readers, followers, and everyone who has supported me through this platform. I appreciate you!

Now get off the computer and go chow down on some good eats!


All my love,



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