5 Wellness Tips on the Perfect Morning Routine

La Casabloga - Sleep - Sept 8-2

Mornings. They are, for many, the most dreadful time of the day as they’re often met with insufficient sleep followed by an unenthusiastic commute to work, etc. Despite the negative press mornings tend to receive, how you start your morning is often an indicator of how the rest of your day will go.

My morning routine is far from perfect, however after finishing The Miracle Morning book months ago, I decided it was about time that I implement a morning routine to help give my day some sort of “order” as soon as I wake up.

My morning routine is pretty simple and probably contains some things that you already put into practice but I just wanted to share these 5 wellness tips on how taking control of my morning helps prepare me for the rest of the day below.

Mornings can be exceptionally brutal. Especially after enduring a hard night’s sleep. For this reason, I try to implement things in the morning that I am excited about and actually enjoy doing so it will make me want to get out of bed.

So, the first thing I do in the mornings is..

  1. Read. There isn’t anything like diving into a good book and I try to commit to reading at least 10 pages each morning. I try to keep on pace of reading at least one book a month, which most of them seem to be self-help books recently. If you haven’t seen my Read N Review posts on my blog yet, where I review the books I have read, you can check it out here.

2. Video. This is something I just started doing a week ago, but after reading, I indulge in watching a TED talk every morning. There is such a diverse range of topics to choose from that I doubt I’ll ever get bored of them. Here is the one I listened to this morning.

3. Write/Journal/Scribe. There are million and one things going through a person’s mind all the time. Why not let some of those thoughts spill out onto paper? Sometimes I’ll write about what’s on my mind, how my day went, and/or what I am thankful for.

4. Exercise. Obviously I had to include this one since staying active is a must for me. I prefer to workout in the mornings to get it out of the way. Don’t have a way to get to the gym or a gym membership? I know the solution to that, because I don’t either! Just workout in the comfort of your own home. I have linked here multiple sources that I use on a daily basis to workout via YouTube videos.

And last but not least is…

La Casabloga-Meditation

5. Meditate. I like doing this right after my workout to get my heartbeat down and helps bring me back to a “neutral” state after a high intensity workout. My favorite apps for meditating are Headspace and Calm.

I have been practicing a daily morning routine since June and try to keep up with it as much as possible. I’ll switch things up every couple of weeks for variety. I found this post to be extremely helpful when trying to decide what my morning routine should look like.

Of course, the above is what I have found to be helpful as I get my day started but yours may vary depending on your interests, needs, wants, and how much time you have. I hope the above was helpful in inspiring you to put a morning routine in place if you haven’t already!

Now tell me, what does your morning routine look like? I would love to know!

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” -Buddha

All my love,


12 thoughts on “5 Wellness Tips on the Perfect Morning Routine

  1. Joe says:

    I like your morning routine. It is both physical and cerebral. I will try to incorporate some of your ideas into my mornings. I admire your perseverance and wish you many excellent days in the future.


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