The Best of Italian Islands: Ischia

What If We - Forio - Jun 15

Reading the title of this post, you are probably asking yourself, “What or where is Ischia?” as it is often one of the more underrated islands in Italy that people don’t usually hear about. If you have heard of Ischia, it is probably due to the recent earthquake that occurred a week ago on the island, but don’t let this news turn you away from this magical place just yet.

As unfortunate as that news is, in reality, earthquakes are quite common in Italy in general and can happen anywhere at anytime. During my time living in Rome, I experienced at least 3 earthquakes that I can re-call.

With this post, I wanted to shed light on this beautiful, little island and re-visit my memories during our short 2 day stay there at the beginning of this summer…

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 9.24.23 AM

The island of Ischia is located off the coast of Naples and although looks small on a map, seems a lot larger once you set foot on the island. The landscape is almost entirely mountainous which makes for some of the most beautiful backdrops. We only had 2.5 days to spend here and we ended up staying in Forio (on the west side of the island) with our friend Annie, although we have also heard Sant’Angelo and Porto di Ischia are also very nice. For reference, the recent earthquake that occurred was in the Casamicciola area, in the north of the island.

Day 1:

To arrive to Ischia we caught a train from Rome to Naples, and from Naples hopped aboard a 30 minute ferry to the island.


The majority of the day was spent lounging on a small, little beach where only our friend Annie could have lead us too, as she knows the island like the back of her hand. The day just seemed to have lazily drifted by as we lay there watching the glistening, ocean water and young Italian ragazzi playing soccer along the shore.

LaCasabloga - Ischia - June 15-3.jpg

Food tip: The island of Ischia is known to have some of the best bruschetta in all of Italy! Make sure to order this and you will have some of the best little, cherry tomatoes with bread you have ever tasted.

Day 2:

This day was like something out of a movie. We joined our friends Annie, Luigi, and Chiara on an amazing boat ride around the entire island. We spent the day soaking up the sun, taking an occasional dip into the sea, and wondering how on earth we ended up being so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

LaCasabloga - Ischia - June 15-2.jpg

Annie - Boat

Luigi - Pirate Ship

What If We - Ischia - June 16-2.jpg

Food tip: Hungry? Head down to Porto di Forio, or the port, and stop at one of the many restaurants situated along that area. This area is usually more crowded and great for people-watching. We ate at Tiratardi and had one of their zingara sandwiches – a cheap, delicious, quick eat.

Day 3:

Our last morning in Forio and on the island, so naturally Jared and I went and did some exploring…

La Casabloga - Ischia - June 17

Annie - Ischia House

What If We - Yellow Wall - June 17.jpg

LaCasabloga - Ischia - June 15

LaCasabloga - Granita - June 16.jpg

Annie - Ischia House-3.jpg

Food tip: This island is very popular among German tourists. If you pop in some ‘bars’ that sell coffee, you will often see pretzel-like croissants(catering to the German crowd) that are a great treat for breakfast. Grab one of these and a cappuccino and you’ll be set for the rest of the day.

Why Ischia is a holiday destination you should consider traveling to next:

  • not as touristy as other Italian islands, i.e. Capri. So you will feel as if you are discovering a secret-secluded island…
  • not much english is spoken here, but don’t let this scare you. Just another chance to practice speaking Italian with the locals!
  • every corner of the island is photogenic and these pictures were taken only in Forio- imagine what other photo ops are waiting in other parts of the island.
  • because it is not as popular as Capri, I found the prices here are relatively more economical for food, hotels, etc.

Annie - Ischia House

Huge thank you to our friend, Annie, for introducing and showing us around Ischia. We can’t wait to be back.

All my love,

20 thoughts on “The Best of Italian Islands: Ischia

  1. coatandcoffee says:

    I would TOTALLY go here. I LOVE that it’s not as popular as the others. You’ve captured it beautifully, and I enjoyed reading about the German pastries/pretzels haha. That’s so fascinating how a lot of German tourists go here. Hope you have a great weekend lady!


    Liked by 2 people

    • lacasabloga says:

      Thank you Emily. Yea it was funny because a stranger just started speaking German to us one morning as we were shooting photos. I believe he was saying good morning but Jared and I were just confused at first haha.


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