July Bless Box by Sazan Hendrix Review

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If you caught this post on my IG last month, you may have already seen my latest beauty purchase, one that I just couldn’t resist, aka, Bless Box. Bless Box is a subscription service of full-size products handpicked by founder, Sazan Hendrix, delivered straight to your doorstep each month. In these boxes, you would normally find hair, beauty, food, body, skincare and other products from well-known brand names. I received my first box last month and wanted to review with you the items I found inside…

Here are the products I received by category:


  1. Patchology Eye Revive Flashpatch 5 Minute Hydrogels– it was my first time using anything like this for my eyes but they definitely needed them after flying across the country and losing a couple of hours. These felt good as they were packed with serum and cooling to the touch, but they kept sliding down my face. I think since there was a lot of product on it, it was a bit heavy and therefore didn’t stay put without me having to adjust it every minute or so.
  2.  Patchology Flashmasque 5 Minute Facial Sheets: Illuminate– skin felt nice and refreshed afterwards. Once leaving mask on for at least 5 minutes, I took it off and let the product absorb into my skin. My skin tends to be more dry so I love having masks like this around to use.
  3. Body Shop Face Masks– I got 2 of these, one was a charcoal purifying glow mask and the other a plumping mask. I was very happy with both and glad I got to travel with them since they were in small, travel-friendly packages.


    1. No7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer– this felt great on my face once applied and its something that will help my makeup last all day which I am always looking for, however this particular primer had a redish-pinkish tint to it which I didn’t very much care for. My skin tone is more neutral, than yellow or pink, so I try to stay away from anything that changes my skin’s undertone.
    2. Chrislie Ice Cream Eye Shadow Palette– nowadays, I tend to focus on my face and foundation more so if I do wear shadows, they tend to be neutral colors. I haven’t used all of the colors in this quad, except for the lighter one as a highlighter, but if I want something a little bit more dramatic or smokey, I’ll resort to this one.
    3. Maybelline Camo Color Correcting Palette-I have only used the top middle color to conceal my under eye circles so far. I don’t typically have any redness and the other shades seem too dark/light, I’ll try experimenting with them to see if I like another combination better!
    4.  Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk– to be honest, this was my least favorite product from the box. I felt the formula made my brows look….well, chalky. I didn’t like the finished results. I think I’ll stick to my Anastasiya Beverly Hills brow powder.


      1. Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream– the scent alone made me fall in love the first time I tried it. Haven’t noticed any firming effects yet, but feels nice and smooth on my skin!
      2. Arthur George Sockwear– cute and cozy, these will come in handy during the winter season.
      3. Bliss L+S Body Butter– I’m a sucker for anything lemon scented and this was no exception. I love slathering it on all over my body for a smooth finish.


      1. Primal Kitchen Chocolate Hazelnut Bar– pretty tasty and a good snack for a mid-day pick me up.


      1. Kerastase Ciment Thermique– I’ve actually really been enjoying this product the most and was surprised by the full size product that was in the box that’s going to last me for months. I’ve needed a leave-in heat protectant for a while so it came at just the right time.

As you can see Bless Box comes with many different products and the best part about it is that most of them are full size products! I was subscribed to Ipsy and Birchbox, which are 2 other monthly subscription companies, and those only came with travel size companions.

When you log into your online account, you also have access to a digital packing list for each month to go back and see what you have tried out so far in case you may have forgotten. Although I think it would be a good idea to include this packing list in the box as well, as I didn’t know about it until I emailed customer service!

Bless box

What monthly subscription boxes do you receive and which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

All my love,

12 thoughts on “July Bless Box by Sazan Hendrix Review

  1. TheFallibleQueen says:

    I’ve heard about this subscription box, it sounds great and the price isn’t bad at all. I didn’t realize there were so many products in the box! I really like the target beauty boxes (I order some every once in awhile), I’ve ordered a walmart beauty box before and I liked it. Globe In Club is one of my favorites as well. I also like Ipsy too :).

    Liked by 1 person

    • lacasabloga says:

      Lol, yea I know. I took a look at it too and after seeing the price was like…no thanks haha. Well once you get started with them, I’ll warn you, it’s hard to stop! They are addicting and the price adds up especially having to pay for it month to month, so maybe it’s better that you haven’t tried any yet.


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