Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cafes in Rome


I have to be honest. Occasionally when Jared and I are searching for places to eat, we take into consideration which ones may be the “prettiest” or offer some Insta-worthy appeal to make our feed look good. I have come across plenty of restaurants in Rome, if not most, that satisfy this condition. After a request to write a post about this, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite eateries in Rome that make the cut, some that I have visited and others still on my wish-list.

Whether you are traveling to Rome for just a short period, or live here, the below recommendations are some you should add to your itinerary. I know that when I’m visiting a different city, knocking two birds with one stone (eating plus taking pictures) is something that I look for. So without further adieu, here are my top 10 most Instagrammable restaurants/cafes in Rome.

1. Aroma

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.01.46 PM

If this isn’t #goals, then I don’t know what is.

I had to include Aroma on my list because where else can you dine with a direct view of the coliseum? Not only is the food Instagram friendly with its unique presentation, but the view from the dining table is what really steals the show. Great dining option for a special occasion dinner like an anniversary or birthday.

2. Ginger

I was first introduced to this place by my friend Diana (@browsingitaly) and fell in love with it immediately. I was so excited to finally find a place in Rome that serves American breakfast items, such as pancakes and only uses organic/sustainable ingredients in all their meals. The all white, modern, interior was so different from what I usually see in Rome so I knew I had to include this on the list.

3. Tommi’s

What If We Blog - Tommis Burgers - Feb 3

Hands down my favorite burger place in Rome. Besides heading here for burger cravings and to enjoy their sweet potato fries and milkshakes, I love the atmosphere at Tommi’s. It’s usually a younger, college, crowd and everyone feels at home as soon as they step in the door. They also have an awesome interior with hand-made menus and vintage posters all over the walls.

What If We Blog  - Tommis Burgers - Feb 3

4. Taverna Trilussa

Because if you’re gonna do pasta in Italy…you might as well get it right the first time. Taverna Trilussa is not stingy with their portions and is highly rated among most their visitors. Their pasta dishes are served in cast iron skillets which give that “straight from the stove-top” feeling of freshly prepared food. They serve all the Roman classics, such as Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, and Gricia.

5. Love Bar Natural Food


I usually walk by this cafe on my way to work some days and the first time I saw it, I had to pause in my tracks. This restaurant will surely catch your eye with their plentiful assortment of lighting on the ceiling, walls, flowers, etc. The furniture is a bit vintage looking as you can see below, but I absolutely love everything about this place. They serve smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and some breakfast items like pancakes as well.

love bar natural food.JPG

6. Il Margutta

The most recently visited restaurant on this list is one that I went to with my friend Zoey who is vegan (since this is a vegan restaurant). Aside from the food being absolutely delicious, the space was also very clean, minimal, and eco with various plants hanging around the ceiling of the restaurant. The space is large with seating both inside and outside. This part veggie/part contemporary art gallery is beautiful and just steps away from Piazza del Popolo.

7. Etabli

What If We Blog - Etabli - Nov 5

If you’ve seen my Rome City Guide, you will remember me mentioning Etabli in the “Bars” section of that guide as well. It stands out to me because of the setting and atmosphere with vintage furniture sprawled throughout and live DJs playing on the weekends. I love coming here for aperitivo and to relax with a glass of wine with friends.

8. Romeow

I mean, seriously, just take a look at their Instagram and you’ll see why they are in the top 10. This cafe, as the name might hint, is a cat bistrot where real cats hang out and lounge, sleep, maybe even come say hi. It’s the only place like this in Rome, and maybe all over Italy, but definitely one to visit, especially if you are a feline lover!


A cool concept space in Rome that is very clean, modern-almost reminding you of something you would stumble upon in LA. This space caught my attention after hearing about it from greyconcept.  This, being the first concept space in Rome, is very unique to be located in the place that it is. Being surrounded by old, rustic, and very traditional cafes, NVMEN is a completely different concept than what Rome is used to seeing.

10. La Punta Expendio de Agave

One of the few Mexican restaurants in Rome and also one of the most photogenic. The inside decor is perfect to complement the name with its colorful and very vibrant interior. The drinks and menus are also worth snapping some photos for the ‘gram’ and don’t forget to check out their “underground” bar for some fancy and unique cocktails.

Have you visited any of these restaurants before and what did you think? If you have any recommendations that you think should have made the list, let me know in the comments below so I can also check them out!

Happy eating…& snapping!

“Eat Well & Travel Often”

All my love,

Please note: the cover photo is not mine. It was obtained from Unsplash.

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cafes in Rome

  1. Sofie says:

    Taverna trilussa is one of my favorites! And I can say that i AM able to finish the entire thing 🙂 ive been dying to try out romeow! All the others are top! Excellent girl XO

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