Why Visiting Orvieto is Always a Good Idea

What If We Blog - Fog - May 7

Last weekend, a group of friends and I were welcomed with open arms into the wonderful town of Orvieto by a dear friend and The Beehive owner, Linda Martinez, who happens to call Orvieto home. Orvieto is situated in the region of Umbria, which is also considered il cuore verde d’Italiaย (the green heart of Italy), for obvious reasons.

Getting from Rome to Orvieto is normally quite easy by train as it is only a little over one hour and costs less than โ‚ฌ10 euro each way. We, of course, thought it would be more fun if we narrowly caught our 9:00 am train. Our day in Orvieto started at about 10:30 am at the famous Duomo, a site that is definitely worth seeing.

Cathedral of Orvieto.jpg

Orvieto Cathedral

During the day, walking along the streets and getting a feel for the city, it had a medieval-like atmosphere to me, similar to when I went to visit Bomarzo a few weeks ago. The city was small enough that we could easily escape the busier streets and venture off not too far away to an area that felt secluded and completely to ourselves. It’s a nice change from Rome, as the city center is now completely packed with tourists all over as peak season has finally arrived.

What If We Blog - Overview - May 7

The above view is from the Torre del Moro, the Clock Tower which provides a 360-degree view from the top. We were able to see all of the center of Orvieto from up there and the beautiful greenery that surrounded it. It was a small fee of โ‚ฌ2.00 to enter (โ‚ฌ2.80 each if not in a group of 7+) followed by a quick elevator ride and a healthy number of steps to the very top. Not bad at all considering the view waiting for us at the end.

Torre Del Moro

Spectators can see the whole city of Orvieto at the top of this tower standing right underneath the biggest bell.

What If We Blog - Bike - May 7

What If We Blog - Signs - May 7.jpg


La Casabloga - Group Pic - May 7

The group from left to right: Zoey @zoeyarielle, Chloe @chloeitalia, Lucrezia @lucreziaoddone, me @lacasabloga, Linda @thebeehiverome, and Alicia @alicia.nichole.

Linda was kind enough to guide us around Orvieto, show us some artisan shops, walking trails along the Orvieto caves, churches, and treat us to a delicious lunch in her home cooked by her very talented husband and daughter. Thank you Martinez-Brenner family for the wonderful day!

If you live in Rome or are visiting Italy, I do recommend taking a day trip to Orvieto. It’s much smaller and offers an intimate feel that you often can’t find in the more popular tourist destinations.

Have you been to Orvieto? If so, what was your favorite part about it?

The best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures“- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

All my love,

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