December in Italy Recap

What If We - Ginger Bread House - Dec 20

Last month was certainly one to remember for both Jared and I. Thankfully I was able to document the memories all through my YouTube channel as I was participating in my first Vlogmas series. What is Vlogmas you ask? Well Vlogmas is a compilation of daily vlogging throughout the month of December during the Christmas season. Vlog + Christmas = Vlogmas. Don’t ask who came up with the idea…I’m just along for the ride.

I uploaded 4 Vlogmas style videos for the 4 weeks in December and will be re-capping each below. December was quite particular for Jared and I for many reasons:

  1. It is our first time experiencing a “real” winter again after having lived in Miami for 4+ years. Although it felt a bit strange wearing several layers, gloves, and scarves, it was nice to feel the weather change to go along with the change of seasons.
  2. It was our first time spending the holiday season in another country. We were veterans at spending the holidays in different states than our families since we both moved to Florida and didn’t have any family there. But spending it in another country was a little more nostalgic for me than the past couple of years have been.
  3. We visited the countryside of Tuscany for a few days to have a relaxing vacation out in the middle of nowhere. I have been so used to the end of the year being such a busy and stressful time of year because of work in the past, but this year was different. Jared’s work schedule allowed him to have almost 3 weeks off and since I work from home, it was very relaxing for us and allowed us to spend a lot of time together, which was never the case before. Ahhh…the advantages of living in Europe!

Video #1

This is more of a chit-chat type video of my everyday life working from home. I met up with some friends during the week, Zoey and Kenya on separate occasions. Jared and I headed over to the neighborhood of Barberini to shoot some pictures and catch an amazing sunset along the way and we also tried out a new burger place!

Video #2

In week 2, Jared and I met up with some friends during the “bridge” weekend since that Thursday falls on the holiday of the Immaculate Conception in Italy. Most schools and businesses are closed for this holiday. We also headed over to our friends, Gail & Louie’s, place to decorate our very first Italian Christmas tree with them. Then we took a day trip over to the acquedotti romano and got to a do a little bit of overhead sightseeing as well. We finished up the week by starting to do some Christmas shopping.

Video #3

During week 3, we started by roaming the streets of Trastevere and headed over to our friend’s going away gathering later that evening. The following day we attended our first soccer game. Later that week, we met Toni to build our first gingerbread house, which didn’t turn out too shabby as you will see in the video. We finished up by going over to the Vatican to see the Christmas tree right in front of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Video #4

The last week of December was spent exploring the streets of Tuscany. We got to visit Siena for one day and then took the rest of our trip to wander about the area close to where we were staying. It was so nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to see a different side of Italy we hadn’t seen before.

Hope you enjoyed my Vlogmas series. It honestly doesn’t seem like we really did much, but looking back on it December was good and filled with many great memories.

Let me know which episode was your favorite! What was your favorite memory of December?

All my love,

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