Under the Tuscan Sun

Il Maravigilo

Last week, Jared and I got the chance to explore and visit the Tuscan countryside of Italy for 3 days. It had been a little over 2 months since we last traveled outside of Rome so we felt it was the perfect time for a change of scenery. Not only that, but we were overdue for some peace and quiet. Over the course of our time in Rome we have heard only great things about Tuscany from those who know Italy best, and I can confirm it’s all true. The landscapes are absolutely amazing, the food is incredible, and the people are beyond hospitable and friendly.

We decided to go to our usual vacation rental site, Airbnb, to see what was out there. After stumbling upon this one, I fell in love with it immediately. It had great reviews, was a convenient location, and offered all of the amenities I needed. We arrived there on Tuesday afternoon after taking regional train from Rome to the Figline Valdarno station.  We booked our train travel on Trenitalia in advance but the trains were practically empty so it likely wouldn’t have been a problem to buy them the same day. All in all, the three hour train ride wasn’t too bad for me, as it gave me time to finish up Vlogmas: Episode 3 which is now out on my YouTube channel.

The evening we arrived to the house, it was so incredibly foggy that we couldn’t really get any idea of what the landscape in front of us looked like. Our hosts were super welcoming and comforting. Since we were the only guests there at the time, we had a choice of which room we wanted. I was so happy when I saw there was a private fireplace in one of the bedrooms. Super cozy =  Easy Choice! The room itself had plenty of space for us and since we were the only guests at the B&B at the time, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. Matteo and Serena (our hosts) prepared a homemade 4 course dinner for us every night of our stay- aperitivo, primo piatto, secondo piatto, and of course dolce, with unlimited glasses of wine. Our tummies were very happy during the course of our stay there.

The next day, Matteo’s dad, was so kind as to offer us a ride from Canova (where we were staying) to Siena, which is about an hour drive in a car. We woke up early to this view to catch a ride with him at 8 am. Once we got there, we explored the little town of Siena for about 8 hours before heading back home. This town is one of the most popular in Tuscany, especially for their wine, in addition to just being one of the nicest, most authentic, Tuscan places to visit.

The next day was spent exploring the area of Canova. We wandered up a street that led us uphill towards the mountains. After about an hour or so of walking, we had some of the most spectacular views overlooking the little villages down below us. We took the drone out quite a few times, can’t wait to show you the footage of that. Vlog coming soon!

Our last morning, we woke up to yet another amazing breakfast spread of omelettes, fruit, toast, yogurt, and cereal. I love that many of the ingredients, such as the vegetables and fruits, were picked from their own garden. As cold as it was there, I was truly surprised at how well they harvested with the temperature the way it was.

My favorite part of the trip was just how quiet and peaceful it was being there and being completely surrounded by nature. I would occasionally hear the rooster next door doing his 5 am wake up call, quite a different sound than what I’m used to here in Rome, waking up to the sounds of the tram passing in front of our apartment.

I can’t wait to come back here and I would absolutely recommend anyone to stay at Matteo’s B&B ( I promise this post is not sponsored, lol). They were, hands down, some of the nicest people I have come across since being in Italy. Oh, and Jared and I practiced our Italian the entire time we were there…not one word in English! Well maybe one…or two, but we were super proud of ourselves for speaking their language during our stay.

What If We Blog - Siena - Dec 28What If We Blog - Siena - Dec 28What If We Blog - Canova - Dec 29What If We Blog - Siena Ti Amo - Dec 28La Casabloga - Siena - Dec 28What If We Blog - Tuscan House - Dec 28Il Maravigilo-6La Casabloga - Siena - Dec 28La Casabloga - Siena - Dec 28La Casabloga - Siena - Dec 28La Casabloga - Siena - Dec 28

Have you been to Tuscany or Siena and what did you love about it the most?

All my love,



13 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan Sun

    • lacasabloga says:

      Thank you, glad this post brought back some (hopefully) beautiful memories for you. Being here in Europe has really changed my perspective on things and allowed me to live more “in the moment”. Hope you had a great holiday season.


  1. Sara White says:

    Siena was one of the first cities I visited when I first moved to Italy! Such a charming place – I want to go back during the winter and experience it without so many people.

    Your photos are beautiful, especially the one looking out the window.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lacasabloga says:

      It’s so nice to visit these kind of places without the masses of people flooding every street. I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of that and travel here during the winter more often. And yes, I agree, it is completely charming and whimsical in every way!


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