Labor Day Weekend in Italy

What If We Blog - Testaccio - Sept 3

I honestly forgot that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend back in the states. I guess that’s what happens when you live in Italy…you kind of forget about the American holidays with the exception of any big ones, Christmas, New Years, etc.

This Labor Day Weekend, Jared and I, spent it pretty chill catching up on some work and getting into the latest season of Narcos (I am officially hooked!) Have any of you watched it yet? Friday night was date night over in a little part of town that we haven’t really yet explored, but the nightlife is full of bars, restaurants, and an exciting young crowd atmosphere.


Exploring the neighborhood of Testaccio in Rome

We went to our first meetup on Saturday with a photography group we found via It was cool to be around Italian photographers, practice the language, and meet new people. FYI, these pictures were all taken during the meetup. While everyone else was taking pictures of the surrounding area, Jared was taking pictures of me, haha. The area we explored is called Testaccio. We had never actually been there before during the day, so it was nice to get to know a new area of Rome and meet with some of the locals.

What If We Blog - Testaccio - Sept 3

One of the many streets in Testaccio

Testaccio, Rome

Monte Dei Cocci

The whole outfit I wore to the meetup is from Urban Outfitters, except the shoes. The shoes I recently purchased while in Barcelona, I love them! They are so comfortable and I love the colors. The shorts, which have an American flag on them, I wore to pay tribute to the Labor Day Weekend. They were on sale for $20 at Urban many years ago. The top was also a clearance item, as well as the jean long sleeve shirt I have tied around my waist. It was so unbelievably hot out that I’m glad I decided to go with shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

What are your plans for the Labor Day Weekend? Did you do anything fun and exciting with family? Although Labor Day officially marks the end of summer, I feel like summer is nowhere near ending with the high temps we have been receiving over here. What is the weather like where ever you’re from?

Fall in Italy

Signs that fall weather is slowly moving in here in Rome

All my love,

8 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend in Italy

    • lacasabloga says:

      Thank you! Lol I can only imagine! I miss NY so much. Italy is great. The locals and city are just coming back to life after having the whole month of August off. Alot of people left the city to travel to the mountains and beach. But overall a great experience. I hope to travel throughout Italy a little more soon.


  1. coatandcoffee says:

    I seriously need to travel with you guys! You do so much stuff that I would love! I think it’s neat you used meetup to check out a local group and meet some new people. I am so down for adventures like that. I love doing different things and meeting people. I always wonder how long it takes people to forget about American holidays. I am usually traveling on the Fourth of July so I almost never celebrate it! I always forget about it when I am overseas.

    As always, gorgeous photos! And love the sneaks. šŸ™‚


    Liked by 1 person

    • lacasabloga says:

      Thank you Emily-we literally don’t know anyone here and although we are introverts, we can kind of have to break out of our shell to go out there and meet people, haha. And how great is meetup that it will tell you what’s going on in each city?? I love it. Yes, we are always down to doing/trying different things at least once.


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