How I Stay Active Living Overseas

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Leading up to the months I would be heading overseas, I was thinking of options on how I could continue my active lifestyle in another country. I was so spoiled on having a gym in our apartment community literally steps away from where I lived, so that made it easy to work out and also have access to all the equipment I needed.

Since leaving South Florida, I have had to get creative with my work out routine since I no longer have access to a gym or a plentiful selection of free weights, treadmills, and stair masters galore. Sure, I like to explore new cities by running every now and then but I didn’t want to rely solely on running to help keep me in shape.

This is when I saw that Fit & Thick had monthly workout subscriptions where I could download 20 new workouts per month and workout from literally anywhere. For me, one of my biggest challenges, is knowing WHAT workouts to do. So the fact that F&T pretty much gives you the exact workouts you need to do in the right order in the palm of my hands is what sold me. I love that no matter where I go, I can still take the exercises with me so I don’t have any excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it. The next few months for me will have quite a bit of traveling, but I’m not worried about my morning workouts as I know I will have them available right on my phone.

I knew I was going to be in the workout subscription for the long run, so I signed up for the 6-month subscription, which is the longest one they have. Right now I am on month 2, week 2.

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Here is my opinion on it so far:


  1. Like I mentioned above, you can do these workouts ANYWHERE. All you need is a big enough space. Even if you are in a different city every day, the workouts are in the tip of your hands.
  2. Very easy to understand exercises that are clear to read and very organized.
  3. You can save the workouts to your phone and laptop, so if you don’t have access to one or the other you can still access them either way.
  4. Don’t waste time driving to and from the gym when you can work out in the comfort of your own home.
  5. Only $10/month-if you sign up for the 6-month subscription like I did. Where can you get a better deal??


  1. Not in a class setting, so self-motivating yourself may be challenging at times.
  2. There is “recommended” equipment that is used for the workouts. I do not have any equipment here in Italy so I just make do without the weights and just do more reps to substitute it.
  3. There are no visuals of the workouts so if I don’t know what something is, I’ll just YouTube it. Although, I did hear they are coming out with an app to help supplement the lack of visuals in the subscription.

Best of all, I really love the flexibility the app gives me to work out on my own pace. Sometimes, being at the gym or in a class can be a bit intimidating. Of course in addition to these workouts, I’ll squeeze in my cardio by taking a run outside just to switch things up a bit.

With all the pasta, wine, and pizza I’ll be indulging in here, I make sure to make my workouts a priority every single day, haha. Exercising is not only great to keep in shape but so important for your mental health and overall well-being, as mentioned here.

What other work outs do you stand by that work well for you? Do you prefer to skip the gym and workout at home or would you prefer to be in a class setting? Would love to hear your thoughts below!


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