Denim Daze: How to Wear Denim


One thing I can’t have enough of is different pieces of denim to mix and match with. Recently I have found myself falling back on my favorite pieces of denim to go with just about anything and everything and have been collecting different washes/colors to add to my wardrobe.

In this post, I will show you 3 different ways to wear denim and how casual and cool each style is without putting in much effort at all. On those days where our wardrobe selection looks pretty minimal, it’s always safe to fall back on your best denim jeans with a cute top or jean dress for a simple, but practical, everyday look.



Look #1: Acid Wash Jean Dress- I remember purchasing this dress from Pac Sun many years ago from the clearance rack. I love that it is acid wash which gave it a somewhat vintage look. The dress is very simple, but I love the added detail of studs on the collar for a “rocker” like touch. Converse will always be a staple in my closet, and the grey/blue color of the shoes seemed to compliment the acid wash nicely.




Look #2: Canadian Tuxedo-wearing my Nasty Gal jeans here, once again, that I have been obsessing over and an old Urban Outfitters top. I have always loved the look of pairing denim on denim on denim. To go with the all blue, monochromatic look, again, I went with a pair of Converse(because they will never let you down) in navy blue this time.



Look #3: Boyfriend Jean(ius)-or should I call them the ex-boyfriend jeans because my boyfriend hates them? Haha. I must admit they are one of the more comfortable pants I own because of how baggy and loose they are. I love the distressed style of them-I tend to pair it with a tighter shirt; I just think it looks better like this in my opinion or else the outfit will look like it’s swallowing my petite frame.

What do you think of the denim trend and which one is your favorite look?

If there are any specific posts you would like to see on here, let me know in the comments below!



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