Fit & Thick x Unapologethick Crop Tops


As the South Florida spring weather is starting to roll in, the birds are chirping and the grass is turning green (okay the birds are always chirping and the grass is always green), LOL, but I am excited to finally be able to pull out the crop tops and this apparel collection in particular is no exception.

Get Fit & Thick ( has an unique collection of fitness apparel with designs that are not only appropriate in the weight room, but perfect to pair with casual pieces outside of the gym. I always try to look for options to add to my collection that I can wear to different locations/occasions. In this case, these crop tops are perfect to take from gym-wear to street wear! Keep reading to see the different looks I came up with for these Unapologethick crop tops!


1. Cool & Casual -The first look is very “me”. Simple and comfortable. I think that best describes my style. I’ve had this pink bandeau gathering dust in the back of my closet that I finally got to pair with this shirt because it matched perfectly with the pink accent of the design. I paired the top with my favorite Nasty Gal jeans, my Ray-Ban aviators, and some white sandals. I wore this look out to a community event at my apartment building. The weather was beautiful and the sun warming my skin in this racerback was the perfect touch!


2. Sporty- This may be the most “obvious” look of the three, as it is workout apparel after all. I loved the color scheme of this top as it paired perfectly with my workout pants, which I got on my latest trip to the local flea market here in Miami, haha! Nonetheless, I felt great with these two pieces on, warming up and stretching for my daily workout. I have a bunch of old t-shirts I usually workout in, but they tend to feel a bit too “heavy” on me so I like that I feel more “free” in this crop top. I will definitely be investing in more of these for the gym.



3. Girly Vibes Only – For some reason when I think of crop top, I automatically think of high-wasted bottoms. I gave this top a more “feminine” feel by pairing it with this high-waisted jean skirt that I purchased from Urban Outfitters years ago for $10! I felt the two pieces completed each other very nicely to create a cute and dainty ensemble.

I had fun putting these outfits together and I hope you see that fitness apparel can be interchangeable and worn in so many cute, versatile styles no matter where you go! I like that the designs Fit & Thick comes out with are casual enough for an everyday look but can also be worn with a killer pair of heels for girls night out! You can check out their full collection here. The crop top I am wearing is available here.

I love Nike, Lululemon, etc. but sometimes those apparel items still look like they would rather be in the gym! What do you guys think? Let me know your comments below.




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