My 5 Essentials for Blogging


So while I am still in the beginning stages of this whole blogging thing (La Casabloga is barely 4 months old!), I’ve learned a thing or two about myself as well as the blogging process and I would like to share what I have found necessary in order to maintain and grow my personal blog. Now this is just my humble opinion and quite honestly this list could go on and on about what I find essential to create the perfect blog, but I have listed my personal top 5 to give an idea for aspiring bloggers out there wondering how to get started. So if you’re interested in what my top 5 are, keep reading!

The list I am compiling here is composed of physical equipment as well as mental tools you would need to have on your checklist. I am definitely not a professional blogger, nor consider myself remotely close to one, but just wanted to share with you what tools I use behind the scenes; whether it be in my YouTube videos, pictures, etc.

  1. Camera: Sony A6000.

This is the primary camera I use for my blog photos, YouTube videos and my social media content. There are soooo many different types of cameras (DSLR, point-and-shoot, mirror-less, etc.) to choose from so settling on one was a bit overwhelming. I decided to go with the Sony A6000, which is a mirror-less camera, because of the smaller size in comparison to DSLRs, as well the technology is a little more current. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of the photos and video that this camera produces. If I had to nitpick, the only downfall is that it doesn’t have a flip screen which can make it difficult to see if you want to take a front-facing photo or video. You can read more reviews about exactly what I bought here.

2. Camcorder: Sony Handycam.

Ahhhh…I have so many memories with this camcorder. This was my first “big girl” toy that was gifted to me several years ago as I was getting more and more into making YouTube videos. I like that this has a swivel screen so it makes vlogging a breeze. The quality of the video is good but taking photos from it is not the best-which is why I purchased the Sony A6000 for higher quality photos.

3. A planner/scheduler/notebook.

Getting a notebook where I can jot down all of my thoughts, ideas, blog posts, etc. is extremely crucial and has saved me in order to keep myself as organized as possible. It is here where I am able to store all my ideas pertaining to my blog, and I can schedule and keep track when my posts should go up.


4. An open mind.

Creating content to post on my blog is sometimes tricky as I want to post what I think others will find informative and entertaining to read. Let’s face it…almost every topic has been covered by millions of other bloggers, so I am always trying to put my own spin on things and come up with ways to stand out from the crowd. Thinking creatively is a must.

5. Passion.

Everything I write about on La Casabloga are subjects that I enjoy personally. They are topics in which I have either had a professional career in, such as beauty, or just personally feel it to be beneficial for my well-being, such as health/fitness. I want to share what I have learned, or thought to be helpful, with my readers to pass on the knowledge and help inspire them to start a new, healthy lifestyle or dig deeper into their own passion, whatever that may be!

I hope that through my 5 essentials, you are able to see what I view as important in order to write a successful blog post or create a great YouTube video. I really enjoy expressing myself through this space and hope you will continue to follow along on my journey.

What tools do you consider to be essential for blogging? Feel free to leave any questions on any of the equipment mentioned above. Talk to you all soon!



8 thoughts on “My 5 Essentials for Blogging

  1. Liahna Higgs says:

    This definately comes in handy because I am thinking about blogging. I really want to, but I don’t know if it would be interesting to anyone else!


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