Fit & Thick with Nicole Mejia

nicole mejia

As I’ve gotten more and more into fitness over the past couple of years, I’ve drawn most of my inspiration and exercise ideas from social media, which is where I discovered Fit & Thick. Fit & Thick is a movement founded by Nicole Mejia that encourages women to embrace their natural physique and love their own unique body type. Although we all have a different goal to reach at the end, the underlying message is the same…and that is to love the skin we’re in. Nicole started this health and fitness company in October 2013 and since then her brand has motivated and inspired thousands of women all over the country. Last year’s Fit & Thick tour took place in 10 different cities all the way from the west coast to the east coast and they’re only going to be bigger and better this year – so ladies be on the lookout for tour updates because tickets sell out fast!

fit and thick 1

I had the opportunity to attend my first Fit & Thick class in Miami last Thursday and let me tell you, my legs are still sore! Haha. I attended the Butt + Legs II class that Nicole instructs. The workout was geared towards resistance training, which consisted of non-stop repetitions of lunges, squats, dead-lifts, and more. Sometimes it’s necessary to incorporate different workout activities into your schedule, especially for me, since I am usually in the gym doing my own thing, plus it was great to be with a group of women that are all trying to reach a fitness goal or simply just stay active.

fit and thick 4

Stretching is key.

fit and thick 2

Working on some hamstring dead lifts.

fit and thick 8

More hamstring stretches.

fit and thick 6

I really liked that you didn’t need a lot of different equipment to do many of the exercises. Most of the equipment we used can be found at any local gym or simply purchased at your local HomeGoods store so you can work out wherever you are, whether it be your home, in a hotel, outside, etc. I learned some new techniques and workouts I will be able to employ for future butt and leg days and incorporate into my weekly routine. My favorite thing about the class was the energy. It was refreshing to be working out in a group setting with women who are all trying to reach a goal and seeing how hard they pushed, really motivated me to keep going!

fit and thick 7

If you’re in the Miami area, I strongly encourage you to check out the Class Schedule.  The class times are convenient and there are several different locations and options to choose from depending on what part of your body you want to focus on. I know I will definitely be back again.

With so many different ways to stay fit nowadays, what kind of classes do you like to take or is there a certain gym routine you follow on a weekly basis? Would love to hear all your thoughts below.


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