Pretty Fit Chicks

DSC01292I think I speak for many when I say adding a better workout routine to my schedule is on top of my New Year’s resolution list. It’s challenging enough as it is to get a consistent workout routine going, especially when having to work 40+ hours a week; sometimes the stamina to get up early or go to the gym after work just isn’t there. I recently found out about this new fitness apparel line, PrettyFitChicks, that started as a women’s fitness movement in Los Angeles inspiring women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am always on the hunt for new fitness apparel, because, let’s face it, working out is so much better when wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself…



They have several items that cater to the everyday women’s active lifestyle ranging from street wear, dry-fit wear, workout wear, active wear, and casual wear. You can check out the whole collection over on (many of the pieces shown here are available for pre-order now). The workout gear fits true to size and I love the variety of colors to choose from, not to mention they are super comfortable and the material doesn’t shrink after one wash and dry. The prices are also more economically priced compared to other fitness apparel lines.

In addition to the workout apparel line, PFC also offers services such as personal shopping, group or personal training, and healthy eating guidance.

Make sure to check out their site to see everything they have to offer! What are your favorite brands to shop for active wear? Let me know in the comments below!



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