My Everyday Eyeliner Routine

During my time working at Clinique, one of the biggest concerns I noticed women deal with is how to apply eyeliner. Whether it be liquid, pencil, cream, or gel, doesn’t matter the formula, the struggle was always present in this area.

I created this video to show you my everyday eyeliner routine. It is very simple and the two most common types I use are liquid and pencil, which is what is shown in the video. It really is a piece of cake once you start practicing everyday and get the hang of it. The most important thing is of course practice, as with everything else.

The products I used are in the description box of the video, but in case you are wondering, these are the products used in the video:

Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine liquid eyeliner in black
Black kohl eyeliner pencil(don’t have the specific name, sorry)
Urban Decay Better than Sex Mascara

I hope you find this information and video helpful. Tell me, what is your favorite type of eyeliner? I can’t live without a winged liner using my liquid formula. I feel that it stays longer than a pencil and doesn’t smudge or transfer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



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